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Full details of the Opening Hours can be found on the 'About' page - clicking on this line will take you there.

The Wheel Alehouse is now open again.
Monday to Friday: 1700 - 2100
Saturday/Sunday: 1200 - 2200
During these hours, drinking at the pub (subject to numbers & social distancing) will be available - as will TakeOuts

Deliveries are available, 1100-1630 & 2130-2230, throughout the week
On weekends, these are available 1100-1145 (AND 1145-2230, subject to staff availablity
Order for delivery from The Wheel are placed at Birchington Beer


Micropubs - What are 'Micropubs'?

The word/term 'micropub' is a new one in the English language and, at the point this page was written (April 2013), the word micropub didn't exist - it was neither in the OED or accepted as a 'Scrabble word'. There is no known 'official definition' of the word.

So, again, what is a micropub? As the name suggests, a micropub is generally considered to refer to a pub that is small - but that's about it (and size is relative - just how big is small!). However, most places that call themselves micropubs also adhere to most of the following -

No Bar
Many micropubs are too small to have a bar. The Wheel is a touch bigger and does have a small bar.

No Fruit Machines
These take-away the original concept of a pub (but you might find games like Shove Ha'penny or Cribbage being enjoyed).

No TVs or Juke Boxes
These also take-away the original concept of a pub (a place to enjoy a quiet drink and talk to friends - or talk to strangers, who quickly become friends).

Although pubs are closing all over the country, micropubs (and micro-breweries) are a rapidly growing trend. That is particularly true here in Kent (The Butcher's Arms in Herne is considered the original micropub - it opened in 2005 and started the boom in the micropub concept).

On the Isle-of-Thanet, there are now numerous micropubs (including slightly larger ones).

Below are links to The Butcher's Arms in Herne (the pub that started the micropub revolution), two other micropubs in Thanet and Thanet's own branch of the Campaign for Real Ale -


The original micropub in Westgate - The Bake and Alehouse



Inside the Bake and Alehouse

The Butchers Arms micropub in Herne
The Thanet branch of all that makes sense - The Campaign for Real Ale

Other Thanet micro-pubs

The Fork Handles, or is it Four Candles, in St. Peter's

The Conqueror in Ramsgate

The 39 Steps in Broadstairs

The Lifeboat in Margate

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